Deepak Adhikary



Who am I? Well I'm a lot of things. Professionally, I'm a filmmaker, but what makes up 'me' extends far beyond my professional life. I have a passion for adventure and travel, I believe it's our duty to the world to experience it in all its shades and colors. Traveling outside of the bubble you've created for yourself elicits empathy and helps you gain perspective on your own life. I've been to 5/7 continents so far with no signs of slowing down. 

I'm not sure whether my fondness for filmmaking came out of my travels, or the other way around, but I was doing both at a very young age. I like capturing stories from one place, and showing it to someone that may have otherwise never heard it. Sharing perspective is one of the most important things we can do for one another, we are often confronted with each other's differences and are taught to resist or repel "the other," but there is great knowledge and wisdom gained from listening to a voice that's not your own.

You see, I grew up in a divide between two cultures. I was afforded the unique opportunity to see how both the wealthiest 1% and the most impoverished 1% live. I grew up in Sisautiya, a village in southern Nepal that had no running water, no electricity, and no real roads of any sort. However, every few years we'd go back to the United States where my mother was from, and experience air conditioned shopping malls, soda machines, and cable TV. When I turned 18, I went to college at Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA and I'm convinced there are no two places on this earth more different that Sisautiya and Malibu. That gives you a pretty unique perspective. It's helped me, as I age and gain more experience, to align my values and solidify my identity - something I struggle with greatly, but wouldn't trade away for anything in this world.


Film has the amazing capability to evoke empathy more than any other medium out there (I think), and when I look through the lens of a camera, whether its a Canon 5D, Pentax ME Super, or an Alexa, the world just looks a little different. There is a difference seeing and perceiving, everyone sees the same thing but people's perceptions are all unique. 

For me, there is no greater joy than being able to capture my own perspective and share it with others.