hey there!


Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Deepak, thank you for visiting my website. For those of you that would like to know a little more about me, well that's what this section is for. 

You would be surprised at how many times I have had the same conversation when introducing myself, so to save you the trouble I've written out what it typically looks like.

Stranger: Hi, my name is (insert name here )!

Me: Hi, my name is Deepak. 

Stranger: Deebot?

Me: Deepak.

Stranger: Tupac? 

Me: No, Deepak. D-E-E-P-A-K. 

Stranger: Oh! Deepak... That's an unusual name. Where is that from? (interchangeable "Where are you from?" "What is your ethnicity?" "What are you?" "Really?" and the all-time favorite "No, what's your real name?")

Me: It's from Nepal, which is where I'm from. 

Stranger: Sorry I don't mean to sound ignorant, but where is that?

Me: Don't worry, a lot of people don't know. It's right below China and above India. 

Stranger:  (pause of confusion) You don't really look...

Me: I'm mixed, my mother is American and my father is Nepalese. 

Stranger: Ohhh, that makes sense. Your English is really good! You don't even have an accent! 

Me (what I want to say): Thanks, so is yours! 

Me (what I actually say): I grew up bilingual, speaking English and Nepali. 

(It is at this point that the conversation varies depending on the savviness or ignorance of the wonderful individual I am conversing with. )


Stranger: Cool, how did you get here?

Me: On an elephant. 


Stranger: Cool, what's it like over there?

Me: It's beautiful, it has some of the most breathtaking landscapes you'll ever see. The downside is that there's no reliable electricity, water, or gas. Potholes in the road, heavy pollution as well as population.

Stranger: Oh, why would you ever want to live there? 

Me: (Turn and walk away) 


Stranger: Cool, wanna grab a drink?

Me: Yes.


Now that we know each other a little better, I can tell you what I'm all about. I love looking through the lens of a camera, whether its a Canon 5D, Pentax ME Super, or an Alexa, the world just looks a little different. There is a difference seeing and perceiving, everyone sees the same thing but people's perceptions are all unique, and there is no greater feeling than being able to capture my own perspective and share it with others.