the world is run by ordinary people

The following is a log of the stream-of-consciousness thoughts my brain produces often after reading any sort of philosophy. It's in response to growing up and realizing the world doesn't work the way we think it does. As children we see the world through different eyes before experience and judgments affect our understanding. 


we live in a world where the illiterate write novels and the illogical solve problems.

where liers are rewarded, cheaters prosper, and greed is the ruler.

where power and self importance separates brothers and childhood friends. 

we are taught to despise those without it and to elevate ourselves above them.

self interest prevails with no regard to  fellow humans.


old heroes are forgotten and imposters stand in their stead.

we are ruled by industry.

we allow shapeless grey buildings and spires of concrete and steel, of which we do not know the purpose, to dictate our lives.

we post signs to keep people out and build fences to lock others in.

we have dominated the land to which we have no right. 

we hate it, yet we depend on it. 

we speak out against it, and are silenced by our own rationality.

we follow trains of thought of which we do not know the beginning.

we retrace over faded lines and don't think to wonder if they are in the right place.

we have moved beyond the age of reason into the age of ambiguity.

we shorten the lifespan of our truths with increasing frequency.

our reason produces more questions and less knowledge and the shoulders of our giants begin to tremble.

what is left when they crumble?


we are manipulated by our own institution.

our happiness had become dependent on the opinions of others and forget it's meaning.

we seek it in the wrong places then cry out when we do not find it.

we mistake attention for admiration.

we forget what we have learned and listen to what we are taught.

we strive for a destination that we will never reach and search for it so intently we do not see the journey, and we wonder why we are unsatisfied.

we set goals, and whether we achieve them, or fail to do so, we reach higher for the sole purpose to continue to reach higher, and we wonder why we are unsatisfied.


we are more connected than ever before, but these are connections are of superficiality, and these façades conceal those connections that once were real.

we have lost depth.


we are the cause of all this, and we are the solution should we choose to be.

but it is easier to be passive, apathetic, mediocre than to question, think or take action.


nothing is real until we will it into existence.

no object, no idea, no philosophy.

we right off dreamers and thinkers because of their inconvenient interruption to our monotony. 

we view the higher mind as interesting, but of no relevance.


we don't need hope, we need perspective