There's a lot that Florence has to offer, beautiful art and architecture from the Renaissance, quaint little cafés, and countless pizzerias; but there's nothing quite like the cliff faces and seaside villages of Cinque Terre or "Five Lands." Visiting these small capes along the Italian Riviera was an experience that will be difficult to forget, especially because of the numerous photos I took. I could barely keep my camera down every time I turned a new corner and was presented with a view even more spectacular than the last. 

Of course along with the stunning vistas came swarms of tourists. The first two terres, Riomaggiore  and Manarola  or I called them, "Land One" and "Land Two" were by far my favorite. Past that the villages seemed to descend into overcrowded resorts and tourist traps, and putting my camera away became steadily easier. But 2/5 isn't a bad ratio. 

I tested the waters by cliff jumping and had probably the best 5€ pizza around. I feel as if I have barely scratched the surface of this country and I can't wait to actually explore some non-tourist locations... maybe a village where I could buy a little cottage and spend my day fishing and tending to a vineyard. That's the dream at least, one can only wonder what the future holds!


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