lovely weather

I'm reminded again, just as I am every year, why winter is my favorite season. I don't there is anything better than feeling warm when its a little frigid outside. It makes beds warmer, blankets cosier, and the perfect cappuccino all the more perfect. It's time for Arctic Monkeys and Bon Iver, to set the mood and make all attempts to prolong this most euphoric of seasons. The trees are clinging on to the last of their burnt orange leaves, littering the ground and opening up the sky. I only wish that it snowed in Florence, I can't even fathom how beautiful this city would look blanketed in a fresh coat of white powder.



It's that time of year when things move a little slower, and my over-excited tendencies seem to take a back seat. Nostalgia takes over a little more as the familiar smells of toasty fires, dead leaves, and cool, crisp air (which does seem to have a distinct aroma), seem to come out of hibernation. Sure, things start dying a little and everything starts to look sparse and scraggly, but there's a beauty in that. I can't wait to photograph some of it.

This is my last week though for a short while. I'm exciting to make my way over to London next week, Leiden the week after that, and then to Paris to spend Christmas.

Happy Winter!